The Members W/O Dues Story

Members W/O Dues was created on the golf courses throughout southern California. Over 15 years ago founder and owner began a career in a very unique job, diving for golf balls on courses throughout the US. A career in golf turned into a complete passion, and through the years from hard work it has created opportunities to play some of the most exclusive courses around. With the relationships built many courses would even allow for free rounds and foursomes to play courses. That's when the very first Member W/O Dues was made, an individual who gets the perks of a membership without the fees. Wanting to bring guests along for the experience, friends and family were brought out to get in on the journey and there Members W/O Dues was created. A brand focused on sharing in the opportunities and experiences with others not only in golf but all facets of life.

Our mission, bring the member guest culture to each and every person that wants to share in the lifestyle. Creating a group of like minded individuals who strive to inspire the youth, sharing great times with friends and family, all while uniting in the greatest game on the planet.